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How to Get Rid of Eye Bags : Tips on How to Lessen Eye Bags

Although eye bags are a harmless flaw, they could completely alter your appearance. Not only do eye bags make you look older, but they can also make you seem stressed and tired.
This article will educate you on the different types of eye bags, the causes, and several remedies you can do at home.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Types of Eye Bags
Eye bags are used as a general term for puffiness around the eyes. However, there are many variations:
1. Puffiness
Known as the most common type of eye bag, the puffiness around the eyes is usually caused by aging. As the face matures, the tissue around the eyelids becomes weaker.
2. Fine Lines
With aging comes a decrease in the skin’s elasticity. Typically, the area around the eyes is the first to show signs of aging. Repetitive facial expressions can cause these lines to crease the skin.
3. Dark Circles
Though they may be unflattering, almost everyone experiences getting dark circles. There are many causes to dark circles, however, it is common with people that have darker skin tones.

What Causes Eye Bags?
The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas in the body. If you want to lessen the chances of worsening your eye bags, here are some things to watch out for:
l  Heredity
l  Oversleeping/Undersleeping
l  Alcohol and Smoking
l  Excessive Exposure to the Sun
l  Aging
l  Salty Food
How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Naturally
Cosmetic surgery has been known to help remove physical flaws almost instantly. However, they are costly and come with an overwhelming process. Plastic surgery isn’t necessary for something as minor as eye bags.
Here are some remedies you can do at home:
l  Get Enough Sleep
You should try to get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep causes your skin to become paler, which will cause dark circles.
Create and follow a night routine to help you go to sleep at a specific time. Along with this, you should eat dinner 2 hours before going to sleep. Additionally, avoid any intake of any caffeine or heavy exercise within 6 hours before bedtime.
When you sleep, you should elevate your head with two or more pillows. Doing so will prevent the buildup of fluid in your bottom eyelids, which usually causes puffiness.
l  Cold Compress
For a quick fix, you can make a cold compress using things you already have at home. For example, you can take a bag of frozen vegetables or a chilled teaspoon. Just make sure that you wrap a soft cloth around the cold compress to protect your skin.
l  Tea Bags
Another quick fix to combat dark circles is to place cold tea bags on each eye. Make sure to use caffeinated tea bags because they have antioxidants that promote circulation. Most people opt for green tea.
To prepare for use, get two tea bags and let them steep for 3 minutes. Leave them to chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, then squeeze out the excess liquid. Lay the tea bags on your eyes for 15 to 30 minutes.
l  Avoid Having Too Much Sun
You need protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays daily, not just on beach days. It is recommended that you apply a moisturizer that is at least 30 SPF.
Additionally, wear protective gear like sunglasses whenever you are exposed to the sun.
l  Watch Your Diet
Include more foods that are rich in Vitamin C and iron to your diet. Vitamin C helps boost the production of collagen, which gives you better skin. On the other hand, iron helps carry oxygen to tissues in the body, and promotes blood production.
Examples of Food Rich in Vitamin C:
l  Oranges
l  Kale
l  Strawberries
l  Spinach
l  Tomatoes
l  Sweet/White Potatoes
Examples of Food Rich in Iron:
l  Tofu
l  Beans and Lentils
l  Cashews
l  Lean Beef
l  Turkey
l  Oysters

Eye bags are not necessarily alarming. However, they can affect your overall appearance. The tips provided in this post will help you get rid of unsightly eye bags the natural way.